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About me: IMPORTANT UPDATE: Based on my number of views vs my number of friends, seems like it is pretty easy for a lot of people to avoid private video status and watch any private video they like. Because of that people become lazy and doesn't need to upload anything anymore. So I will get lazy too. From now on I'll upload 17sec teasers only with full size of a real video specified in a description. If somebody wants real videos behind that teaser he had to upload something new from lllevalll to or if it is not possible then to my Dropbox Just send me a message after your upload and request which full length video you want me to upload instead of a teaser. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I am lllevalll dedicated fan. If you want me to be your friend please upload one or more lllevalll (alternative nicks are llevall, Lieval, eevvaa) PRIVATE/NUDE VIDEOS WHICH IS NOT ALREADY POSTED here on If they are good enough I will accept you as a friend. Thank you. Also I'm collecting lllevalll's videos so if you have some private/nude videos of her which you don't want to upload them here I am interested in exchange of those files. In that case just send me a message on and I will explain you details.