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About me: It's easy. You want my videos, I want yours, so we need to collaborate and share. I'll add as friend only if you have an acceptable ratio between shared videos and time in this site (I understand the actual handicap about the 'UPLOAD' green button so do you think that 1 upload per month is reasonable?,) or any video of my interest. The third request without these requirements cause I'll ignore you..... Probably I'll be late accepting you because I've more than 6000 unread messages... Be patient please. NOTICE: My hard disk contains over 20.000 videos. Originals and downloaded from other sources. To manage this is not easy. Maybe sometimes I upload a video that is already at the site. That's not a stole it's only a coincidence. But, sometimes, I can upload some video that is your own. I apologize if that happens, it's unintentional. Just complicated managing of my videos.

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