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Country: Iceland
City: Bjarnarhöfn
Joined: 3 years ago
Gender: Male
Relationship status: Open
Posted: 811 videos , 18 albums
Age: 33
Sexual orientation: Straight
Favourites: 271 videos , 2 playlists
About me: Minimum 20 HD videos uploaded in last 12 months to accept friend request. ---------------------------------------- except for rare videos, ALL NEW VIDEOS ARE PUBLIC FOR 24HRS!! if that asshole who dislikes all videos on front page returns then new videos will be no longer uploaded as PUBLIC ___________________________­ ­ Upload Policy: * I try to upload quality contents only. So I will not upload random and average videos to increase my video counts. * Resolution is always good with the exception of good models with shit cam or old videos. * I will not upload too many content of the same model unless few people shows interest. * I try not to upload videos of models with plenty of uploads from other users. * Don't forget to subscribe for constant updates :D:D _______ I AM DELETING FRIENDS WHO HAVE NOT UPLOADED FOR MORE THAN A YEAR